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Staff Picks

On of the best things about bookselling is recommending a favorite (and there's always a new favorite)! Take a look at what we're reading now. Click on the bookseller's name for more recommendations from them. Enjoy!

Recent Picks
Store staff Alyssa


I'm a bookseller both in-store and at events.  I enjoy reading essay collections, science/medicine related books, literary fiction, and YA fantasy for fun.



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Red Clocks: A Novel Cover Image


I am the store's general manager and I love to read mystery/thrillers, true crime, memoirs, as well as feminist and social justice non-fiction. I usually always have at least three books going at any given time. I definitely tend to pick up titles that strike my current mood. 

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Miracle Creek: A Novel Cover Image


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Hollow Kingdom Cover Image
Store staff Cliff


See the rest of Cliff's picks here.


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The End of the Day Cover Image


I read mostly reissues of older, forgotten fiction and classics.  Plus Disney treasures.

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How to Suppress Women's Writing Cover Image


I appreciate both elucidating fiction and non-fiction. I am not nearly as interesting as my colleagues.

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Locked In: The True Causes of Mass Incarceration-and How to Achieve Real Reform Cover Image


Hank is the adorable son of Jim, our receiving manager. His picks are typically about trains, things that make noise, dogs, and social justice.

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Trains Go Cover Image


If you catch her on a certain day, Jackie might say her favorite book is The Last Unicorn. She’s a Gemini and a Slytherin, and her life’s quest is to secure all the books and secure the grand library. She lives with an evil cat named Thorn, and she loves sleeping and writing poems and singing while washing the dishes.

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Wildwood Dancing (Wildwood Dancing Series) Cover Image


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Heavy: An American Memoir Cover Image


Resident graphic novel expert

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Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia Cover Image


I'm a bookseller. 

My favorite things to read are fantasy, true crime, comic books, and history, especially about radical and working class political groups, and just anything weird.


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Upon a Burning Throne Cover Image


"The scandalous truth about me is that I am an unruly reader. I don't keep a methodical list, I often have more than one copy of the same book in piles I forget about, and I read somewhat randomly, and can be motivated by a book cover or how it smells alone.  I gravitate towards books by or about disenfranchised folk everywhere:  literary fiction that takes me somewhere I could never otherwise go, literary nonfiction--memoir and essays especially-- noir and thinking person's mysteries, poetry, and the occasional straight-up book of history.  But my first requirement is almost always good writing." 

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Heavy: An American Memoir Cover Image


I'm Marketing and Publicity Manager. I like to read fiction (especially short story collections), pop science, science fiction, and young adult.

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The City in the Middle of the Night Cover Image


I'm a bookseller, consignment reviewer, and I run the SF reading group. Science fiction, obviously, not so much fantasy, mystery, science, history, and occasionally philosophy. I'm also a photographer, so I appreciate good visuals.


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Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers #3) Cover Image


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Letters to a Prisoner Cover Image


Phoebe's picks by genre: YA Fiction, Sci-Fi, Graphic Novels   Phoebe's Favorite 5 Reads in 2018


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Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story Cover Image


Bookseller and buyer.

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Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age Cover Image


I'm the store's Children's and Teen Specialist.  I mostly read anything in those sections (especially YA and picture books), plus plays, graphic novels, nonfiction about social justice issues, and weird avant-garde adult literary fiction that gets remaindered as soon as I recommend it.

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Extraordinary Birds Cover Image



I love to read fiction of almost all varieties but lean more towards mystery and epic historical fiction (really anything with a good story that might make me cry or laugh). I also read narrative non-fiction like memoir with a social justice theme, micro-histories, and true crime. I will pick up any book that strikes me at the moment. 


I am the staff wrangler, author wrangler (event host), assistant cat wrangler, book whisperer, reading group coordinator, and Friend's program coordinator among other things.

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Southern Lady Code: Essays Cover Image


Shualee's Most Anticipated Plays 2017

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Snow Crash: A Novel Cover Image




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The Little Grumpy Cat that Wouldn't (Grumpy Cat) (Little Golden Book) Cover Image


I owned a bookstore in Indiana for 36 years and am happy to be back serving customers. I read mostly character driven fiction.

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Robicheaux: A Novel (Dave Robicheaux ) Cover Image


I read widely, but my favorites tend to be literary fiction, reissued 20th-century women's writing, and innovative and experimental literature.

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Lanny: A Novel Cover Image