Social Studies: 4th Grade

Social studies in the 4th grade encourages students to deepen their reading, writing, and analytical skills, as well as expand knowledge and appreciation of their own local and American history. Students compare different perspectives using both primary and secondary texts. They then write informative pieces and essays.

Fourth graders also use technology to research past and current events. In all of their work, they are taught to analyze the reasons why certain things occur and form strong supported opinions and ideas, which encourages them to think more deeply about the world. Since most social studies curricula are specific to a location, consult your child’s teacher or your state’s social studies standards to find out which specific communities and aspects of the community will be covered. While many curricula differ according to state, many 4th grade classes study the founding and early years of American society and government.

To build social studies skills, your fourth grader:
Studies and uses maps to gain a deeper understanding of geography and how geography affects a community. Researches, organizes, and presents his research on various topics, events, and figures. Discusses topics focusing on explaining his opinion using specific details, facts, and reasons to support his opinion. Writes essays that state an opinion; includes supporting facts for that opinion. Reads primary and secondary sources about different events, people, and topics. Uses and creates multiple types of sources including art, film, poetry and fiction to learn and show what he has learned about historical events and social studies topics.
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