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So you want to be a bookseller...

We Are Hiring an Events Coordinator 

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The ideal candidate is outgoing, organized, high energy, focused, efficient, and a voracious reader with at least a passing knowledge of a wide variety of genres and subjects. You should have excellent verbal and written skills and be acquainted with the fundamentals of a budget. Some experience working in a bookstore (or at least in retail) is extremely helpful.  Do you have any experience at all producing events? Have you ever attended one of Left Bank Books' events? Can you work closely with the co-owner?  

The Left Bank Books Event Coordinator works closely with and under the supervision of the book-store co-owner and is responsible for soliciting and coordinating up to 200 author events a year including the program for Bookfest St. Louis. 

The Event Coordinator also works closely with the marketing and publicity team who publicize the events. This is a job with a lot of moving parts, never dull.

Event Coordinating is mostly a weekday job but you will be required to work some events in the evening. 

All Left Bank staff moves boxes of books around and staff the front counter at some point.  You must be comfortable interacting with a lot of different kinds of people, from assistants to celebrities to self-published authors. Please see the bookseller duties below for more insight.

Left Bank Books' mission is literacy and justice for all and we strive to host events that speak to our community. 

Like all Left Bank Books jobs, it is an hourly position and overtime is discouraged. Transportation is essential. Prepare to come to work and work hard, but don't expect it to invade your time off.  Complex and fast paced, the job of the Event Coordinator is a rewarding position.


We are hiring three part time booksellers. submit your resume here!

You must enjoy reading, be available on nights and weekends and have reliable transportation to the store.  You'll be scheduled for up to three shifts per week working the front desk and events. We prefer someone with bookselling experience, but if you have some other kinds of retail and like to read, that counts!  We have a staff diverse in age, gender, race and class.  You are welcome here.

Bookseller Duties include:

·         Providing Friendly, Accurate and Consistent Customer Service

·         Alphabetizing and shelving books, which includes

o   Sometimes carrying boxes of books

o   Sometimes carrying books up and down stairs

·         Keeping up to date on current popular books

·         Keeping the bookstore clean

·         Balancing the cash drawer

·         Staffing off-site author events and book tables

·         Taking and relaying accurate phone messages

Other duties as needed

What We're Looking For:
  • Priority is given to applicants who have worked with books either in a bookstore or a library.
  • Priority is given to applicants who have retail experience. Left Bank Books serves a diverse community – readers. You should have an appreciation and respect for people of all races, genders, sexual orientation, socio-economic class etc.
  • You should have a general knowledge of basic computer skills. We'll train you to use our quirky inventory system, but it's best if you have a good beginning.
  • You should have a flexible schedule. Nights and weekends are pretty important.
  • Reliable transportation is a must.
What We Offer:
We're an independent bookstore, so you won't get rich working here. Our salaries are modest, but we do provide some perks to make up for it.
  • We allow a monthly book credit for each of our booksellers.
  • Our employees receive a discount on books they purchase.
  • Full-time employees receive free health care and dental benefits.
  • Full-time employees receive vacation time after one year of service.
  • Many of our booksellers are poets, artists, teachers and activists. You're sure to find kindred spirits here.
  • You'll have the opportunity to meet many fascinating authors as they tour through St. Louis.