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The History of the Future by Edward McPherson (signed Paperback)

SKU: s9781566894678


"In The History of the Future, McPherson explores America in all its beauty and strangeness. He is funny and searching--a joy to read."--Elizabeth Kolbert

Praise for Edward McPherson:

"Mr. McPherson is an intrepid traveler. . . a charming and literate companion, and he approaches his task with becoming modesty."--The Wall Street Journal

What does it mean to think about Dallas in relationship to Dallas? In The History of the Future, McPherson reexamines American places and the space between history, experience, and myth. Private streets, racism, and the St. Louis World's Fair; fracking for oil and digging for dinosaurs in North Dakota boomtowns--Americana slides into apocalypse in these essays, revealing us to ourselves.

Price: $16.95