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Dig by A.S. King (signed First Edition)

SKU: s9781101994917

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Staff Reviews

I've said this so much, it's becoming a cliche, but A.S. King has outdone herself. In a sprawling narrative from seven different points of view, Dig. explores racism, mental illness, violence, loss, feeling unmoored and unfulfilled, and the ways people and families and societies perpetuate hatred and injustice. But this is A.S. King, so there's also a girl who can phase in and out of existence, a highly-trained flea circus, and a lot of potatoes. Her writing is truly beyond description, but if you haven't taken the plunge yet, you won't find a better opportunity to experience it.

— From Sarah


Acclaimed master of the YA novel A.S. King's eleventh book is a surreal and searing dive into the tangled secrets of a wealthy white family in suburban Pennsylvania and the terrible cost the family's children pay to maintain the family name.

The Shoveler, the Freak, CanIHelpYou?, Loretta the Flea-Circus Ring Mistress, and First-Class Malcolm. These are the five teenagers lost in the Hemmings family's maze of tangled secrets. Only a generation removed from being Pennsylvania potato farmers, Gottfried and Marla Hemmings managed to trade digging spuds for developing subdivisions and now sit atop a seven-figure bank account--wealth they've declined to pass on to their adult children or their teenage grandchildren. "Because we want them to thrive," Marla always says. What does thriving look like? Like carrying a snow shovel everywhere. Like selling pot at the Arby's drive-thru window. Like a first class ticket to Jamaica between cancer treatments. Like a flea-circus in a double-wide. Like the GPS coordinates to a mound of dirt in a New Jersey forest. As the rot just beneath the surface of the Hemmings' precious suburban respectability begins to spread, the far-flung grandchildren gradually find their ways back to one another, just in time to uncover the terrible cost of maintaining the family name.

With her inimitable surrealism and insight into teenage experience, A.S. King explores how a corrosive culture of polite, affluent white supremacy tears a family apart and how one determined generation can save themselves.

Price: $17.99