Shakespeare Festival Reads 2021

2021 Reading List

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021, 7pm: Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021, 7pm: David Brown essays (unpublished)

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021, 7pm: Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Tuesday, April 20th, 7pm: Shakespearean Tragedy by A.C. Bradley

Discussion will focus on: Lecture 1—The Substance of Shakespearean Tragedy, Lecture 2-Construction of Shakespeare’s Tragedy, Lectures 7 & 8 –King Lear

Tuesday, May 18th, 7pm: King Lear

Tuesday, June 15th, 7pm: Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? by James Shapiro

Tuesday, July 20th, 7pm: As You Like It

Tuesday, August 17th, 7pm: Soul of the Age: A Biography of the Mind of William Shakespeare by Jonathan Bate

Tuesday, September 21st, 7pm: Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell

Tuesday, October 19th, 7pm: Macbeth

Tuesday, November 16th, 7pm: Henry IV: part 1

Tuesday, December 21st, 7pm: Henry IV: part 2