ShakesFest Plays We've Read

May 2012: Othello 

September 2012: Macbeth 

January 2013: The Merchant of Venice

March 2013: Julius Ceasar

May 2013: Twelfth Night

June 2013: The Sonnets

July 2013: Richard III

September 2013: A Winter's Tale

October 2013: Hamlet

April 2014: Henry IV parts 1 & 2

May 2014: Henry V

August 2014: King Lear

January, February & March 2015: Henry VI parts 1, 2 & 3

May 2015: Antony & Cleopatra

October 2015: Richard II

February 2016: Romeo and Juliet

May 2016: A Midsummer Night's Dream

July 2016: Coriolanus

November 2016: Hamlet (also read in October 2013)

February 2017: The Merchant of Venice (also read in January 2013)

May 2017: The Winter's Tale (also read in September 2013)

July 2017: Much Ado About Nothing

August 2017: King John

October 2017: Othello (also read in May 2012)

December 2017: As You Like It

January 2018: Love's Labour's Lost

March 2018: The Tempest

May 2018: Romeo & Juliet

July 2018: Taming of the Shrew

August 2018: Two Gentlemen of Verona

October 2018: Macbeth

January 2019: Titus Andronicus

February 2019: Pericles 

May 2019: Love's Labour's Lost & All's Well That Ends Well 

June 2019: Sonnets & Poems

July 2019: Cymbeline

October 2019: Richard III

January 2020: Timon of Athens

April 2020: Measure for Measure

July 2020: Merry Wives of Windsor & Much Ado About Nothing

August 2020: Troilus & Cressida

October 2020: Two Noble Kinsmen by William Shakespeare & John Fletcher

November 2020: Cardenio

December 2020: Comedy of Errors


A note on the editions: In 2013, our reading group started using the Royal Shakespeare Company editions edited by Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen. They are affordable and have a design continuity that creates a lovely shelf of spines. Since we began using them, we've found that while having a Complete Works collection is excellent for a full library, these individual editions work well for reading groups, light reading, and focused study. Each play is accompanied by historical, textual, performance and interpretative essays. All of the members of the reading group use the accompanying text in different ways and read in different orders to inform our readings of the plays - particularly the ones we are less familiar with. These editions are delightful and an all-around good library choice.