SIGNED Now Do You Know Where You Are by Dana Levin

Left Bank Books is thrilled to offer signed and personalized copies of Dana Levin's highly anticipated book of poetry Now Do You Know Where You Are.

Dana will be out of town for much of the month of May. We have signed copies immediately available or will be able to fulfill personalization requests after June 1st.

We are able to mail copies to anywhere in the United States and most international locations. **Note we are currently not able to mail to the UK. Email to request a quote for international shipping. We accept PayPal for international orders.

Dana Levin's new book Now Do You Know Where You Are comes out on April 19th. Get your order in now for a signed or signed and personalized copy. Once the books have arrived to our store, Dana Levin will come in to sign and personalize copies for pick up or mail out.

If you would like Dana to personalize your copy, be sure to fill out the inscription box below. If you would just like a signed copy, leave the incription box blank. Thanks!!

Join us for an event with Dana Levin on April 19th in conversation with Diane Seuss and Jane Huffman! The event will stream live to our Facebook and YouTube.



Love and grief guide Dana Levin in her new book exploring an increasingly unsettling America after the 2016 election, on both national and personal levels.

Dana Levin’s fifth collection is a brave and perceptive companion, walking with the reader through the disorientations of personal and collective transformation. Written between 2016 and 2020, Now Do You Know Where You Are investigates how great change calls the soul out “to be a messenger—to record whatever wanted to stream through.” Levin works in a variety of forms, calling on beloveds and ancestors, great thinkers and religions—convened by her own spun-of-light wisdom and intellectual hospitality. Balancing clear-eyed forensics of the past with vatic knowledge of the future, Levin writes: “So many bodies a soul has to press through: personal, familial, regional, national, global, planetary, cosmic— // ‘Now do you know where you are?’” 

Dana Levin is the author of four collections of poetry. Her debut, In the Surgical Theater, was selected by Louise Glück for the American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Prize. The New Yorkercalled her third book, Sky Burial (Copper Canyon), "utterly her own and utterly riveting." A Guggenheim and Rona Jaffe Fellow, Levin currently serves as Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at Maryville University in St. Louis.

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