Orders for Inmates

We Ship to Penitentiaries

Receiving books is a gift that really keeps on giving sometimes days and even weeks after an inmate gets them. If you wish to send books to your loved one in prison, we can help!  

You can even put together a wishlist and share it with friends and family so they can send books too.

  • Click here to setup an account. 
  • Find the books your loved one would like and click add to wishlist. 
  • Share the wishlist link with your friends and family so that they can order for your loved one too.

Some Guidelines

All institutions allow books (with the exception of temporary classification and diagnostic institutions), but they stipulate that they need to come directly from the publisher.  Well what does that mean 'from the publisher'?  Simply put, it means a bookstore must ship them.  If they are not from a publisher or a bookstore and you send them yourself in a box they will be rejected. Furthermore, this means that the book must go directly from our shelves or warehouse to our shipping department-- it cannot leave the the store in between.

Other than that, ordering is easy. You just have to make sure that you select ship by USPS and that you ship it to the inmate's mailing address.  Put the inmate's first name and last name followed by the inmate's ID number in the name line of the shipping address (John Doe, 12345).  Next line put the facility name and then the address, so if you were sending an inmate items to Ulster Correctional Facility it would look like this:

John Doe, 12345
Ulster Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 800
Napanoch, New York 12458-0800

Some important things to remember when purchasing books for us to ship to an inmate:

  • We cannot send more than 3 books at a time
  • All books must be new and soft cover (no hardcover or spiral bound)
  • We are required to ship via USPS
  • You must supply the inmate's name and ID number with the facility mailing address
  • Inmates in solitary cannot receive mail
  • Check with the facility for their particular rules and regulations.

Still need help? E-mail Alicia at alicia.j@left-bank.com