Math: 3rd Grade

Third grade is a very important year for students to flex their math muscles as they dive into multiplication and division. Specifically, students use math tools such as number rods (units of blocks that represent a certain number), base blocks, and tiles or marbles. This helps them to understand the concepts behind multiplication and division as they combine and divide different groups of objects. As a result, students don’t just memorize multiplication tables, but also understand what it means to multiply.

To build math skills, your third grader:
Multiplies and divides numbers up to 100 and understands the relationship between multiplication and division. Understands that 3x5=15 and 5x3=15 (this is the commutative property of multiplication). Begins to memorize the product of one-digit numbers so that he knows them all by the end of 3rd grade. Solves word problems that require two steps and more than one mathematical action. For example: If Scott has 9 cupcakes and 12 candies, how many cupcakes and pieces of candy can he give to 3 people so that each person has the same number? Adds numbers up to 1,000. Creates and uses graphs to represent data and answer questions.
10 Minutes a Day Problem Solving, 3rd Grade By DK Cover Image
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