Math: 2nd Grade

Second graders continue to practice addition and subtraction skills, and eventually solve problems in their heads and add some numbers from memory. In many classes, math tools such as blocks, tiles, and different shapes help students practice these skills.

Students also learn to explain how they solved a problem using words and writing, and how to break down numbers to better understand them. They learn concepts that provide the foundation for multiplication, and continue to gain a deeper comprehension of certain math principles.

To build math skills, your second grader:
Solves one- and two-step addition and subtraction problems with numbers up to 100, using drawings and equations and explaining the process. Learns the difference between odd and even numbers. Begins learning the foundations of multiplication by adding the same number to itself (for example, 4+4) and grouping together the same number of objects to add up to more. Reads, writes, and counts up to 1000, and can count by 5’s, 10’s, and 100’s. Measures objects and uses different units of measurement, like inches and centimeters Begins to solve word problems involving money.
10 Minutes a Day Math, 2nd Grade By DK Cover Image
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How to Be a Math Wizard (Careers for Kids) By DK Cover Image
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Flash Cards: Multiplication 0 - 12 By Scholastic Cover Image
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Star Wars Workbook: 2nd Grade Math (Star Wars Workbooks) By Workman Publishing Cover Image
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