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Lafayette Preparatory Academy

The mission of Lafayette Preparatory Academy is to prepare students for academic and collegiate success and equip them to enter the world as active, responsible, and involved citizens and leaders.  To accomplish this mission, our educational program will focus on standards-based lessons, inquiry, problem solving, and service and cultural learning, all built upon Lafayette Preparatory Academy’s values of caring, respect, honest, teamwork, excellence, and justice.  In every grade, the school will offer a rich, diverse, and differentiated literacy program, math and science programs centered around discovery and problem inquiry, and a project-based social studies and geography program.  Our fifth graders will graduate as confident learners with a strong sense of self, a curiosity about the world, and a developing ethos for their communities and social change.  Eventually, this foundation will help them find their own unique path, as they continue through Lafayette Preparatory Academy’s middle and high schools.