Friends of Left Bank Books Literary Society


Left Bank Books is Saint Louis' full-service independent bookstore. We offer friendly, experienced service and value our customers as part of our family. 

In May 1996, we launched the Friends of Left Bank Books Literary Society, a membership organization to which patrons subscribed.  In 2010, we established the Left Bank Books Foundation, a non-profit organization which promotes literacy in St. Louis by providing books and literary programming to public school children, disadvantaged populations and all of St. Louis.  

We've now structured the Friends program so that the money from each paid membership is donated to the Left Bank Books Foundation - which means that your membership is tax deductible AND will go directly to the programming that supports those in need.

Here's how it works:


Membership in the Friends of Left Bank Books has many rewards. Two private sales per year more than cover the cost of the annual membership for most. Private receptions with authors like Calvin Trillin, Anthony Bourdain, Amy Goodman, Rick Bayless and David Sedaris, to name a few, have been memorable experiences for many.

Friends memberships come in three tiers to fit your needs and budget:

  Sales* Receptions**


Left Bank Books



Left Bank Books

Coffee Mug 

"Jump to the Front"

tickets &

reserved seating. ***

$10 credit for every $200 spent in our store
Reader (FREE) - -  -  -  - YES



YES! YES!  YES!  -  - YES


($175 or more)


* Access to twice yearly members-only, store-wide sales: 25% off!

** Our members-only receptions usually take place in the hour before an author's public event and give our friends members a chance to meet their favorite authors in a private setting.

*** Members at the Publisher level will get exclusive priority line tickets that will allow them to "Jump to the Front of the Line" AND reserved vip seating at select events.

To Pay Offline

Download and print the form below, then return it to:


Left Bank Books
Attn. Shane Mullen
399 North Euclid
St. Louis, MO 63108

Fax 314-367-3256