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Frequently Asked Questions


If I find a book on your site, does that mean it's currently in stock at your store?  

If our website says "On our shelves now" we probably have it in stock (unless someone else just beat you to it).  If it says "Ships in 5-7 days" we can have it in stock within a few days of ordering.  
 How can I check the status of my order?  

Log in, select "My Account" and "Orders." A list of all orders and their current status is provided.
Can I get my book signed if I don't attend the reading?  
Yes.  If you are unable to attend a reading, but would still like a signed copy of the book, you can call us at 314-367-6731 and order over the phone, or order online at www.left-bank.com.
Are you hiring?  

Our staffing needs vary, and we're always happy to look at a resume.  Print copies of resumes may be dropped off at either store, but we do request (read: insist) that all interested applicants review the information and reply to the prompts at our Become a Bookseller page.

Do You Purchase Used Books?  

Short Answer: Why, yes we do! Click here for guidelines!

Long Answer:  We take as many used books as we can.  Sometimes our back room overfills so we have to take the occasional break, so be sure to call (314-367-6731) before you drop them off. We will look at used books all month long.

Our used book buyer, David will take a look at your books and contact you to let you know what we can or cannot take.


Before You Pack Up Your Books:

  • We are a general bookstore, so we can't appraise antiques and other treasures.

  • We generally offer 10% of the cover price in store credit for each book.

  • We do not take westerns, textbooks, romance novels or encyclopedias