Eric von Schrader - A Universe Revealed

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 - 7:00pm

Left Bank Books presents St. Louis-raised author, documentarian, and television producer Eric von Schrader to discuss Book 3 in the Intersecting Worlds trilogy A Universe Revealed! Join us to welcome Eric back to St. Louis to help him celebrate this series that tells of an alternate universe hidden next to St. Louis. 

Von Schrader will personalize and sign copies after the presentation! Personalized and signed copies will be available to be mailed anywhere in the country. For personalized copies, please order before 11:59PM on March 5th.

Join us at Left Bank Books
399 N Euclid Ave
St. Louis, MO 63108
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About the Author

In my career, I have made documentary films, produced television shows, and worked as a training writer for business. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and spent most of my life there. I have always been fascinated by the older parts of the city and their echoes of a lost world. Those neighborhoods and streets  are etched deep into my brain. My thoughts about what St. Louis is, what it was (all the way back to Cahokia), and what it might become are the origins of these books.

A few years ago, my wife and I moved to Carpinteria, California. I've always wanted to live by the ocean. 



Book 3 of Intersecting Worlds

A secret makes you play its game. And when you play it, the secret wins. Always.

How do you keep the biggest secret in history, especially when a master spy is snooping around?

In A Universe Revealed, Diyami Red Hawk is pursuing a sacred mission to build a new Native American city at the ancient site of Cahokia. But his success is based on a lie. If anyone finds out, will his project come crashing down?

For years, Jim Collins, a financial genius and a superb poker player, has been haunted by the mystery of his father, who was “very famous, but you’ll never find anyone who has heard of him.” When he meets Billy and Carol Boustany, he feels hope for the first time.

They introduce him to Diyami, who desperately needs his strategic wisdom when an old adversary re-emerges with new threats. Together, they all come up with a plan to defeat the secrets. It brings the Intersecting Worlds trilogy to an astounding conclusion.


Praise for the series:

"With Eric von Schrader, expect an unforgettable world of surprises and fun. I had an amazing time - and so will you." -- Charlie Brennan, author of Only in St. Louis!, radio and television host

An enjoyable, gentle fantasy that gives new meaning to the phrase "Spirit of St. Louis."-Kirkus Reviews

"I read A Universe Less Traveled in two days, which I never do. It's an intriguing novel of ideas and a lively adventure yarn as well, told in a brisk, readable style." - David Carkeet, author of I Been There Before, The Full Catastrophe and other novels

"What if there existed a better, more successful, happier St. Louis than the one we know? A place where men wear shorts in the summer, a place where people sometimes break into song and street parties are a must-see for the tourists who flock to St Louis from all over the world. What would a visitor from our St. Louis think of that St. Louis - and what would the people of that St. Louis think of us? It's hard to come up with original ideas, but Eric von Schrader has done it. A wistful take on our continuing angst of what we might have been." - Bill McClellan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"There have been many tales of parallel worlds, but few have offered this much heart, imagination, and good old-fashioned storytelling fun." - Steve Pick, Co-author of St. Louis Sound: An Illustrated Timeline

"For St. Louis sci-fi buffs, 'A Universe Less Traveled' amounts to Must Reading - and then some. Eric von Schrader's St. Louis is actually two cities - the one that we all know and then the other. It's an idyllic place, with splendid architecture, a booming economy and a rapidly growing population of people content with their lot. The two cities somehow exist at the same time, each unbeknown to the other. Except for a few people, and they form the basis of von Schrader's saga. Principal among them is Billy Boustany, who owns of string of poorly performing appliance stores in our city and its suburbs. One day, by accident, he manages to cross into the Other St. Louis, where he marvels at its wonders. His back-and-forthing between the two versions of St. Louis makes up much of this tale's complicated plot."-St. Louis Post Dispatch


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399 N. Euclid Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63108
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