Event FAQs

How Do I Watch?

You can tune in to THIS PAGE on Facebook at any time and if there’s a Left Bank Books Live video happening, it will show up. Bonus, from there you can access any archived Live videos.

Also, when it’s time for the event to begin, you should be able to refresh our Facebook home page until the live video shows up as a new post. Or, if you have turned on Live Notifications for our page, you’ll get a notification every time we go live and you can click that link.

Instructions for turning on Live Notifications

  • Head over to the LBB Facebook page

  • Scroll down to find one of our live event videos

  • Click the three dots on the right

  • Turn on live notifications

  •  Ta-dah! You’ll be notified when we’re live!

If you are not on Facebook, you can watch the event on the event page on our website. Head to our calendar left-bank.com/event to find the event on the calendar. Click on the event and enjoy! Even if you are on Facebook, this is an easy way to access the event as well.

What If I Missed An Event?

If you miss the beginning of the talk, as soon as it wraps up you can find it in our VIDEOS or on the LIVE PAGE to watch from the beginning.

If you do not have a Facebook account, all of our videos can be found on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Please give us a day or two to get the newest videos edited and uploaded.

How Do I Support LBB with Virtual Events?

Enjoying our virtual events? The best way to support the store and author  is to purchase the author's newest book from LBB. But if you already have these authors’ books, you can buy a Gift Certificate or donate to the Left Bank Books Foundation. Anything would be appreciated and let us know that you value our time and effort in bringing these to you.