100 German Short Stories for Beginners and Intermediate Learners (Kobo eBook)

100 German Short Stories for Beginners and Intermediate Learners By Christian Stahl Cover Image
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This book includes 100 entertaining and culturally relevant German short stories for beginners and intermediate learners including audio for all of the stories.

This book follows a traditional language learning and reading approach whereby new vocabulary is gradually added at a manageable pace so the beginner won't get overwhelmed. Towards the end of this book the stories get slightly more complex, but are still comprehensible for beginners. All the stories are followed by learning questions and an English-German vocabulary section, so the reader can use this book as a study and workbook.

Additionally, this beginner and reader-oriented book offers the student a wide range of culturally important information which they can use when traveling to Germany or study there, and frankly, this book is not only for German language learners but also for anyone interested in German culture in general.

This book includes access to 2 mp3 audio files which contain all the 100 short stories of this book. (The Everything German Learning Book**)
The first 40 stories are recorded by a male voice in high German and the next 60 stories are recorded by a female voice, also in high German and a crisp voice.** (Becoming Fluent in German)

This will be the most valuable German learning book you will ever own, get your copy now!