The Use of Medieval Weaponry (Kobo eBook)

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From fantasy novels and cosplay to Renaissance festivals and roleplaying games, the love for medieval weapons runs deep. But how were they actually used? In The Use of Medieval Weaponry, historical fencing instructor and competitive fighter, Eric Lowe brings together the words of over a dozen medieval masters, as well as the practical experience of contemporary historical European martial artists, to answer this deceptively simple question. For the first time, learn to see weapons from the perspective, not of ancient generals or modern museum curators, but the people holding the sword. Compare weapons in combat, consider the pros and cons of different types and styles, and discover how medieval warriors adapted their art to their favorite tools. Whether you are an armchair enthusiast or a fighter ready to step up your game, Lowe takes you inside the world of medieval martial arts as no one else can.

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ISBN-13: 9781913504267
Publisher: Aeon Books
Publication Date: November 29th, 2020