Is This Wi-Fi Organic? (Kobo eBook)

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How to separate facts from fake science in the Disinformation Age: “Cuts through the chaos . . . sure to keep you laughing while also keeping you thinking.” —Matt Candeias, PhD, author of In Defense of Plants

We live in an era when scams, frauds, fake news, fake stories, fake science, and false narratives are everywhere. Fortunately, you don’t need a BS in Science to spot science BS. This guide from educator Dave Farina, aka YouTube’s Professor Dave, is a playful yet practical investigation of popular opinions and consumer trends that permeate our society. Shoppers insist on “organic” everything even if they’re unable to define the term. Healers and quantum mystics secure a foothold alongside science-based medicine in an unregulated and largely unchallenged landscape. Misleading marketing is used to sell you products and services that range from ineffectual to downright dangerous.

With the knowledge gained from Dave Farina’s simple explanations of basic scientific principles, you can learn to spot misinformation and lies on the internet before they spot you. Learn the real science behind such semi-controversial subjects as drugs, vaccines, energy, and biotechnology—and most importantly, arm yourself with the critical-thinking skills everyone needs in a world filled with nonsense.

“Scientific literacy is our best defense in an age of increasing disinformation.” —Kellie Gerardi, aerospace professional and author of Not Necessarily Rocket Science

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ISBN-13: 9781642504163
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication Date: March 29th, 2021