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Pick up that bread! Featuring more than 90 delicious plant-based recipes, this groundbreaking, doctor-approved method could help you shed pounds, improve your health, save money, and change your life.

The Starch Solution is one of the most important books ever written on healthy eating.”—John P. Mackey, co-CEO and director of Whole Foods Market, Inc.

Fact: Carbs are good for you!

Fear of the almighty carbohydrate has taken over the diet industry for the past few decades—including diets like Keto and Whole30—but this restriction can trigger an avalanche of shame and longing.

In The Starch Solution, bestselling author John A. McDougall, MD, and his kitchen-savvy wife, Mary, propose that a starch-rich diet can actually help you lose weight, prevent a variety of ills, and even cure common diseases. By fueling your body primarily with carbohydrates rather than proteins and fats, you’ll feel satisfied, boost energy, and look and feel your best.

A proponent of a plant-based diet for decades, Dr. McDougall presents an easy-to-follow plan that teaches you what to eat, what to avoid, how to make healthy swaps for your favorite foods, and smart choices when dining out. With a 7-Day Sure-Start plan, a helpful weekly menu planner, and recipes for all meals of the day—like Pumpkin-Walnut Muffins and Veggies Benedict for breakfast, Sloppy Lentil Joes and Tunisian Sweet Potato Stew for lunch or dinner, and Peach-Oatmeal Crisp for a sweet treat, as well as recipes for sauces and dressings—you’ll never go hungry and still lose weight!

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ISBN-13: 9781609613945
Publisher: Rodale Books
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2013