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Trans Pride Flag Enamel Pin


Wear your Trans Pride Flag with pride with this hard enamel pin, perfect for lapels or wherever you want to fly your flag!

50% of profits from this pin are donated to:

  • T.A.K.E. Resource Center (Birmingham)
  • The Ali Forney Center (NYC)
  • The Trans Lifeline

This pin has two clasps to keep it in place. This pin has small parts and is not made for children!

Price: $12.00

Star Baker Enamel Pin


Ready, Set, BAKE! Do you know someone who's an all-star with desserts? Hint: it's probably whoever bakes your Christmas cookies! Award them with this pin to let them know how much you appreciate their talents and hard work.

Price: $11.00

David Rose Face Mask


Everyone's favorite misanthrope summed up the 2020 quarantine vibe perfectly when he said, "I'm trying very hard not to connect with people right now." Maybe this mask will help remind people to stay six feet away from you at the grocery store.

Price: $13.00

Moira Rose Face Mask


We think Moira best summed up the general mood of 2020 when she bemoaned, "the world is falling apart around us, and I'm dying inside." Things are looking up for 2021, but a little dramatic overstatement on your face mask will bring a smile to lots of faces anyway. 

Price: $13.00


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