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Games and Puzzles

Table Talk Conversation Placecards


A meal with friends is only ever as good as the questions we ask one another. Too often, we fall back on polite but not so inspired staples: 'Have you got anything special planned for the weekend?' 'What do you do?', and so on. But there are questions that work like magic keys that open up our hearts, draw out our memories and prompt our latent reserves of generosity, fun and interest.

Price: $16.00

Game of Ridiculous Expositions


This one is for adults only! Two teams compete to discover which saucy expressions lie beneath the surface phrases. Watch your friends sound out dirty phrases without even realizing it! But that’s not all. Each round, there’s a swinger. This smooth lady or gent gets the chance to take one (or a few) for their team by stealing any unsolved cards during the round. There’s seven rounds of enjoyment.

Price: $23.00

Game of Wolf


Has quarantine made you hate the sight of every board game you own? Diversify your collection with the Game of Wolf! As the wolf, pick your pack members based on their knowledge of the subject or go lone wolf for a chance at double the points! The pack or lone wolf that answers the most correct of the five questions wins the points for that round! Will you go it alone, wolf? Or will you choose strength in numbers?

Price: $25.00

Chat Pack for Kids


Chat pack for kids contains 156 cards, each featuring a question that’s sure to get creative juices flowing and fun conversations going. It’s positive entertainment for kids of all ages and for the adults in their lives too!

Ideal for:

Price: $12.95

Chat Pack Favorites


Chat Pack Favorites contains 156 cards, each one featuring a question guaranteed to spark an instant conversation about one of your favorite things! The perfect pastime for adults and kids alike, Chat Pack Favorites will have everyone talking and laughing in no time––just pull out a card and let the fun begin!

Ideal for:

Price: $12.95
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