Revolutionary Optimism: 7-Steps to Living As a Love-Centered Activist (Paperback)

Revolutionary Optimism: 7-Steps to Living As a Love-Centered Activist By Paul Zeitz Cover Image

Revolutionary Optimism: 7-Steps to Living As a Love-Centered Activist (Paperback)


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When we feel anxiety, despair, and hopelessness about the future, we lose touch with our power and our purpose. We don't think our choices matter or that our voice can be heard. When we rise up, reclaim our power, and unify with others on the path of love, we get to make the difference that we've always secretly known we could.

Physician and activist Dr. Paul Zeitz is sparking a global conversation to awaken political imagination and stimulate a new vision of peaceful, revolutionary transformation. His committed work over the past thirty years reveals a deep truth: When we look within and approach our personal healing work with self-compassion and love, we strengthen ourselves and are better able to extend a hand and our heart out to others-to serve and participate in the urgent issues of the day with empathy, understanding, and wisdom.

In his acclaimed new book Revolutionary Optimism: 7 Steps for Living as a Love-Centered Activist, Dr. Paul shows us how to break free from feelings of confusion, pessimism, and cynicism about the world and step into a place of empowerment, resourcefulness, and inspiration. Through this inside-out approach to healing, self-liberation, and transformation, Dr. Paul ignites in us a profound depth of optimism that has the power to change lives.

This is revolutionary optimism.

Woven throughout the book are stories of individuals you will long remember-people who at first didn't see how they could help or make a difference. Through them, we are reminded that every one of us are capable of extraordinary acts of bravery and heroism. The people you will meet within these pages are moving examples of how our feelings of injustice can be the catalyst for unifying with others and helping to build movements at local, national, and international levels.

Revolutionary Optimism is both a highly practical handbook and a potent cure for the many faces of fear that loom large in times of great turmoil and uncertainty. This timely publication presents an uplifting path of actionable strategies, including doing one's inner work, that guides the reader step-by-step towards finding solutions to the crises we face-and doing so with an open heart.

It forges a path for intentionally putting love at the center of our lives. As we commit ourselves to this path, we discover that we already have within us the bravery needed to take a stand for what matters most to us and to help repair the wounds of this beautiful world we all share.

And there is no time to waste. It's go time

Product Details ISBN: 9798990264304
Publisher: Unify Movements Press
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2024
Pages: 272
Language: English