Unlock the TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Test (Paperback)

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Unlock the TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Test (Paperback)


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Unlock your potential and achieve your best TOEFL iBT score with Dr. Clive Walker's comprehensive preparation textbook, Unlock the TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Test. Dr. Clive Walker, Ed.D., an established figure in English language education and e-learning, has designed a resource that's both thorough and current. Notably, this guide is one of the first to cover all the new updates to the TOEFL iBT introduced in July 2023.

Unlock the TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Test is not just another prep book; it's an all-encompassing study companion. It boasts a vast repository of examples and practice tests, ensuring students are accustomed to the format and environment of the real test. Furthermore, it deeply explores every section of the TOEFL iBT: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Every question type you'll encounter on the test is covered with numerous examples. Each example is paired with detailed answers, thorough explanations, and proven strategies to ensure mastery.

The textbook's authenticity and effectiveness are further heightened with insights derived from a cohort of 9 students who undertook the TOEFL iBT in 2023. With their firsthand experiences shaping the content, the guide stands out for its real-world relevance. Upon advisement from the cohort of students, the TOEFL iBT practice tests in this textbook are precisely designed to sharpen your skills and improve your time management across all TOEFL iBT sections. The practice tests align with their respective textbook sections: Chapter 2 concludes with 10 reading tests, Chapter 3 with 10 listening tests, Chapter 4 with 10 speaking tests, and Chapter 5 ends with 10 writing tests. Each practice test question mirrors those found on the actual TOEFL iBT.

Beyond preparing for the test, Unlock the TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Test is dedicated to establishing a strong foundation for academic and everyday communication in English. It's a holistic approach that emphasizes not just rote learning but genuine comprehension. Whether you're just embarking on your TOEFL iBT journey or aiming for that perfect score, Unlock the TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Test promises to be an unmatched ally in your pursuit of excellence.

Product Details ISBN: 9798989155507
Publisher: Dr. Clive Walker, Ed.D.
Publication Date: September 1st, 2023
Pages: 508
Language: English