The Arctic Quest (Paperback)

The Arctic Quest By Minda Gomez Cover Image

The Arctic Quest (Paperback)


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Rico, Diego, and Araceli Martinez's road-trip from Minnesota to Mexico just got a lot more exciting With the help of their neighbor Don To o's virtual reality sunglasses, they are transported to the Arctic in the form of animals. Will the three be able to work together to solve Don To o's mystery challenge before they run out of time?

Follow the Martinez kids as they scurry, fly, swim, and lumber through the Arctic and meet other polar bears, snowy owls, and harp seals for new friendships and experiences.

Then, join them for a deliciously warm holiday Navidad celebration with their grandparents in Mexico. You will love learning important life lessons along with these relatable, spunky bilingual siblings

Let your imagination soar in this exciting illustrated adventure

Social-Emotional Themes and Values:






Social-Emotional Learning

Mexican Culture and Foods

Spanish Language

Bicultural Families

Product Details ISBN: 9798985316155
Publisher: Mogo Multimedia
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2022
Pages: 132
Language: English