Finding My Joy (Paperback)

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Finding My Joy (Paperback)


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Finding My Joy is a memoir about overcoming trauma, experiencing inner peace, and finding joy in the midst of not only the difficult times but also in the daily routine of life.

Have you gone through trauma, loss, abuse of any kind, mental or physical health struggles? Have you felt lost and alone, wondering where God was? Do you want to know the path to freedom, peace, healing, and ultimately joy? This book takes a deep dive into all those experiences and more.

You're invited to come along on the journey. Who knows, maybe you'll find what you're looking for--and hopefully so much more Join Misty as she shares her life experiences, points out the things that can steal your joy, and gives practical advice on what you can do to find your own inner peace, healing, and joy. Come--you've been prayed for

In Finding My Joy, Misty Dearing tells her story with candid sensitivity. She brings clarity and hope not only to those who have suffered similar experiences but also to all who love them.

--Sharon Callister-Huebner

Counselor, Mentor, Support Group Facilitator, and Author

After reading Misty's book, I have a new perspective on my own life experiences. Anyone who has lived through any of the things she touches on will come to realize, through reading her book, that it's okay to talk about these things, and there is healing available

--Tom Dearing

Soulmate/Husband since September 26, 2020

When my mom told me she was writing a book about her life, I just had to offer to help with the cover design. Throughout my life, I've witnessed my mother's struggles as well as her healing. I believe my mom's life has been much like the growth of a flower--sprouting from the cold ground, weathering adversity, and blooming into new life. Lilies are my mom's favorite flowers, so they were a natural choice, but they are also a symbol of fresh life and rebirth--which happen to be a direct result of her healing journey. I'm very proud of my mom I hope you learn something from her story--I know I have.

--Josiah Smalley

Mental health professional and cover designer

Product Details ISBN: 9798891301306
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: December 4th, 2023
Pages: 92
Language: English