Girls are AMAZING (Paperback)

Girls are AMAZING By Isabelle Thrapp Cover Image

Girls are AMAZING (Paperback)


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Girls really are amazing Those who love learning about amazing women will enjoy this short novel In this book, we highlight 5 amazing girls from history. Have you ever been nervous about going to school? Learn more about how Ruby Bridges overcame her fears, and was brave at a new school. Anne Frank was an amazing writer. She began by writing in her diary and even edited her own work Reading about her can help you see how accessible your dreams can be. Malala Youfanzi was a survivor and a fighter for equality, but she did it kindly. She stood up for herself and others, just as you can. Did you know that sometimes breaking rules is a good thing? Amelia Earhart defied all rules that held women back and helped create new normalcy. Diana was a giver and gave all she could to help all people throughout her life. How can you give to your community? This is just an example of the things you might be asked in this book. Learn about these girls who made a big difference in their community and the world, despite challenging situations. Not only do you learn about these incredible girls, you learn how to be like them You also learn how to reach your full potential. You will come to know that you are enough. You can be brave, strong, kind, and so much more This book is great for 8-12 year old's who need reassurance that they are just as cool as boys, no matter what

Product Details ISBN: 9798869258175
Publisher: New Life Clarity Publishing
Publication Date: April 6th, 2024
Pages: 70
Language: English