Beyond the Veil Exploring Life After Death (Paperback)

Beyond the Veil Exploring Life After Death By Elio Cover Image

Beyond the Veil Exploring Life After Death (Paperback)

By Elio


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In "Beyond the Veil," Sadhguru examines the complex attributes of the human body as they pertain to the domain of Yoga, doing so by analyzing it via the lens of five discrete sheaths. The strata, referred to as "koshas," represent the complex tiers of existence and awareness. The expedition commences with the "Annamaya kosha," which symbolizes the corporeal form sustained by nourishment, and advances to the "Manomaya kosha," which represents the mental form influencing cognition and interpretations. Inherent in the energy body, the "Pranamaya kosha" establishes a link between the material and spiritual worlds and the forces of space.

Upon further investigation, one arrives at the "Vijnanamaya kosha," an etheric body that functions as a bridge between the material and immaterial domains; ultimately, one reaches the "Anandamaya kosha," a happiness body that surpasses the limitations of the material world and embodies pure joy and satisfaction. By intricately interlacing physical and metaphysical dimensions, these koshas furnish a conceptual structure that elucidates the intricacies of existence and consciousness.

Moreover, the book explores the ancient Egyptian ideologies pertaining to the afterlife, placing particular emphasis on the importance attributed to meticulous preparation, observance of rituals, and adherence to ethical principles. Ancient Egyptian beliefs dictated that individuals would have to navigate a perilous underworld, be held accountable for their actions in this world via judgment, and maintain their spiritual essence indefinitely through devoted service and offerings.

Moreover, the passage delves into the complex correlation that exists between materialism and atheism, utilizing material from "The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever," an anthology compiled by Christopher Hitchens. Through an exploration of the ancient Greek materialist philosophy known as Epicureanism, as exemplified in Lucretius' seminal work "On the Nature of Things," this book provides a comprehensive depiction of reality as seen through the lens of ancient Greek materialists and demonstrates the profound relationship between atheism and materialism.

"Beyond the Veil" offers readers an insightful exploration of the profound complexities of human existence, untangling the interrelationships between the material, intellectual, and spiritual realms, and bridging ancient and modern perspectives.

Product Details ISBN: 9798868975646
Publisher: Elio
Publication Date: February 1st, 2024
Pages: 104
Language: English