Go Quietly My Love: From the Darkstone Chronicles (Paperback)

Go Quietly My Love: From the Darkstone Chronicles By Alekzander Rang Cover Image

Go Quietly My Love: From the Darkstone Chronicles (Paperback)


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There are worse things than personal loss. One of them is the pain inflicted on one of our nearest and dearest. I know this, because I have lived it, tasted it, and spent numerous nights staring at the ceiling feeling powerless. Sometimes life deals you a shitty hand, and you happen to be wearing a white suit. In my case, the shitty hand was to fall in love with someone who did not know I existed. To watch her lose everything to a monster that was blackmailing me. It was time to decide what to give up. My life or hers?

So it came to pass, that a similar thing happened for a particular character that I have no love for, a guy with an unfortunate name. Putin Bondar; and this is his story. He had some tough choices to face. I don't know if his actions are anything to celebrate, or whether there is a lesson there for any of you, reading this. I don't really give a picked gherkin about that. I don't care if you read this just scratch your arse and carry on. I don't care if you decide to read it, roll it up and smoke it, or shove it in your...filing cabinet. The main thing is, I wrote the fracking thing and that's enough for me. Tell you what. You go your own merry way and ignore this fucking book as you probably ignore most of what happens around you. What? are you insulted? Well, tough fucking titty, you mardy little snowflakes.


Alekzander (zero fucks given) Rang.
Product Details ISBN: 9798865139614
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2023
Pages: 88
Language: English