Ava's Victory: She Broke the Curse. (Paperback)

Ava's Victory: She Broke the Curse. By Elena Georgiou Cover Image

Ava's Victory: She Broke the Curse. (Paperback)


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Ava in Persian means' voice, ' and she represents all of us. She describes each of our voices, the wounded child we have kept inside of us from childhood to adulthood, that part of ourselves that has always felt not enough. I chose Ava as the title and character of my book because I didn't want to write my family's real names for many reasons. Also, Ava means the voice, and I am the voice of the voiceless who felt not enough and unworthy.

Everybody has an inner child. The qualities of the inner child include innocence, playfulness, curiosity, sensitivity, joyfulness, and wonder. In addition, the inner child is the 'little child' from the past who craved love, attention, affirmation, approval, acceptance, and nurturing.

Ava's story is a story of a young woman who kept her innocence throughout her life. Ava was a brave woman who battled against her shadow, the darkest part of herself, to heal her wounded child. In the end, she succeeded.

Her emotional scars tell her story. They remind her of times when life tried to break her but failed. Pain reminds us of what it means to be human; scars become silent proof of that humanity.

Ava finally won the battle by accepting her wounds instead of running away. Ava couldn't understand why everything backfired so hard; she was lost and didn't know what was next. Life for her had no meaning. She stopped doing things she loved doing. Ava had had enough of losing all the time.

Despite all odds, she wanted to break free, gain her freedom, and transition out of abusive environments. Finally, Ava won her voice and her power. She had fought back and won the fight. Ultimately, she escaped from harsh environments that did not serve her anymore.

This story offers an inside into Ava's life and her unconscious suppressed memories, which she projected onto others without knowing. In the end, Ava permits herself to experience her truth. That's how she wins the battle.

Ava never showed the world how soft she was; maybe you are the same way. She silenced her sadness for years. Ava felt sorrow and grief only when sitting alone, writing in her journal. She never gave her sadness space. We can feel our sadness, accept it, and then release it. We can also let ourselves sit with our sorrow. We don't know what's coming next in our lives. No one does.

Ava represents all the wounded children who have felt inadequate, especially those from abusive environments. I wrote this book for those from harsh environments with strict, controlling, and authoritarian parents. My book is ideal for all those who were not allowed space to flourish and make their own decisions and choices, to those whose backgrounds caused them to feel empty and stuck in their lives.

Ava tells her story to bring freedom and understanding into our lives. She shows us the cost of living in such a family by describing what happened in her adult life and her struggles. Finally, at 18 years old, Ava was ready to change her life, leave her toxic childhood environment behind, and replace it with growth and positivity in her adult life.

Ava knew there was a way out from everything she had gone through. She believed there was something bigger and more remarkable to experience outside of her childhood environments. So, what had happened in her life that kept her stuck? What had happened that prevented her from living the life of her dreams? What had caused her to keep attracting things she didn't want anymore?

Let's allow Ava to tell us what had happened in her life and how she managed, in the end, to rewrite her story and walk on the path of achievement and happiness.

Product Details ISBN: 9798862851861
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 26th, 2023
Pages: 102
Language: English