The Giant War (Paperback)

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The Giant War (Paperback)


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The Earth Space Force Military has a huge problem. The massive alien Ogre that they had earlier fought was only an immature little one. The full-grown ones had found some derelict starships and were about to find one with an FTL drive.

Keith and his crew were tasked to sneak in and destroy the derelict that contained an FTL drive before the Ogres could find it. To do that, the Meduala sent them a living weapon to assist with the battle. One that the Meduala has spent thousands of years trying to deal with. Is the new weapon more of a problem than the Ogres?

The Ghost Ships that contacted Earth and requested this mission were hiding something critical. They also insist that this mission use only obsolete technology ships that they provided. As soon as the mission starts, all communications are unexpectedly severed. There is no phoning home for rescue. The Ogres spot them almost as soon as they arrive. The small arms they were permitted to carry are no match for an 18-foot-tall Ogre in an armored spacesuit carrying a 350-pound battle exe.
Product Details ISBN: 9798860401976
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 7th, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English