The Epiconscious Human: A Transformational Awareness Method (Paperback)

The Epiconscious Human: A Transformational Awareness Method By B. Dianaud Cover Image

The Epiconscious Human: A Transformational Awareness Method (Paperback)


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Make your personal-development happen easily. Do it with a simple dialogue. You give you a command. Then go about your day.

What if you could give a command and a Part of you would work on your habit-mind and ego-states for you. It would do this while you go about your day?

How great would that be?

The steps outlined in this book lead to resolutions of issues that used to seem impossible to transform. Now you can do it and do it with ease.

First, an unexpected idea - we have Our Epiconscious. Our Epiconscious directs our transformation while we go about our lives. Transformation frees our awareness.

Does it sound too good to be true? We fill the next few pages with the simple dialogues you need to make this real and lead you to open doors you never knew could be opened.

I created this summary with one purpose in mind. To equip you, dear reader, to use a stunning discovery. It doesn't take years of studious determination. You can experience it in a matter of days. Why let stops or hurdles prevent you from thriving in whatever way you want in life? Why just settle with a thought like "it's the best I can hope for"? In fact, you could flip to the first dialogue right now, do the steps, and it will work.

Dr. Garry Flint made a profound discovery that is straightforward, and the Industrial Scientific Establishment overlooked it. It has been available since 2006 but still lacks exposure. It is a liberating technology that is rapid and easy to employ. What are the results? More satisfaction and greater joy in life. So, let's learn about something you have never heard of; Our Epiconscious.
Product Details ISBN: 9798831785951
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 27th, 2022
Pages: 94
Language: English