Valkomert the White of the Shadow Mountains (Hardcover)

Valkomert the White of the Shadow Mountains By L. Denton Kennett Cover Image

Valkomert the White of the Shadow Mountains (Hardcover)


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Unearth the chronicles of Valkomert the White, an ancient dragon's epic quest amidst wars, mysteries, and sorcery in the magical realm of Paron Dive into the captivating realm of Paron, where legends are born and epic tales unfold. Valkomert the White, a majestic dragon as old as time, has called the enigmatic Shadow Mountains home for millennia. Here, he has witnessed the fury of erupting volcanoes, discovered the mystifying metal of a fallen meteor, and battled the sinister sorcerer Rombithon during the tumultuous Dragon Goblin Wars. Awakening from a nine-century slumber, Valkomert finds a world on the brink. Though Paron has survived past perils, a new war threatens its horizon. As old enemies resurface and new dangers emerge, Valkomert stands at the heart of it all-a beacon of hope, power, and magic. Fans of Lord of the Rings, Dragonlance Chronicles, an Forbidden Realms will be enchanted by this riveting tale of destiny, danger, and the indomitable spirit of a dragon. L. Denton Kennett masterfully crafts a story rich in adventure and fantasy, beckoning readers to lose themselves in the vast landscapes and enthralling quests of the land of Paron. From Shadow Mountains to Epic Battles: The Saga of Valkomert the White awaits. Settle in deep and let the magic of Paron carry you away.

Product Details ISBN: 9798822926578
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: October 10th, 2023
Pages: 310
Language: English