28 Years to Life: Finding Wholeness Through Forgiveness (Paperback)

28 Years to Life: Finding Wholeness Through Forgiveness By Colleen Elaine Cover Image

28 Years to Life: Finding Wholeness Through Forgiveness (Paperback)


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Colleen Elaine spent nearly three decades trapped in a self-imposed emotional prison formed as a response to traumatic and limiting circumstances. When she realized that she had placed walls around herself for years, she set out on a journey to free herself through truth and self-awareness.

Often in our society we are taught to betray ourselves by conforming to cultural standards and others' expectations. As such we may too find ourselves locked inside our own boundaries and unable to find a way out. Colleen found that the key to freedom is not easy but worth all our effort. As we do the shadow work of unraveling our past, we can get back to our true essence, where we will find wholeness through forgiveness.

In 28 Years to Life, Colleen invites you along as she reveals the significant personal discoveries that led to her freedom from past pain and self-doubt. Along the way, you'll learn to apply the same lessons in your own journey, begin to love yourself, and set free the person you are meant to be to live a life you will love.

Unravel your past to find the core beliefs preventing you from living as your best self. The experiences of our past are not to be hidden or shameful but to shine a light on the path leading to our best future. By embodying the wisdom and lessons of the past that were essential to making you who you are today, you build a stronger foundation for your life. When you change for the better, so does everything and everyone around you.

Colleen's every experience in life-challenge or victory-brought her to her life's mission-to help others achieve optimum quality of life as they transform challenges into opportunities on their journey to becoming their "best self.
Product Details ISBN: 9798459423747
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
Pages: 166
Language: English