Cyndi Rella (Paperback)

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Cyndi Rella (Paperback)


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In the world of Cyndi Rella, a geeky gamer content with her Twitch fans and life, everything changes in just one week. A new built-in family, complete with a has-been reality star and her kids, descends upon her tranquil existence. As if that weren't enough, the enigmatic Knox McHotterson sweeps her off her feet, but with a mysterious aura that raises questions about his true nature.

With a rollercoaster ride through a built-in family from hell, uncovering hidden truths of Prince Charming, and navigating a path strewn with mayhem and destruction, Cyndi finds herself at a crossroads. Will the turmoil orchestrated by these two women push her to the brink? Are fairy godbrothers more than just folklore? And is Knox truly the Prince Charming she's been seeking, or is there more beneath the surface?

Prepare for a riveting tale of adventure, secrets, and unexpected twists in the captivating world of Cyndi Rella

Product Details ISBN: 9798224544455
Publisher: Mina Skye
Publication Date: February 19th, 2024
Pages: 132
Language: English