Grosjean (Paperback)

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Grosjean (Paperback)


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Truth is an illusion...or is it?

Pirates and corporate criminals will never die out. In 2337, Earth has expanded its domain into space, colonising the dark abyss as far as Jupiter. The need to travel faster than light, to stretch farther into the galaxy, comes with humanity's growth--and with it, corruption and greed.

Captain Alanis Grosjean of the Commonwealth Corp always thought she had life figured out. Be honest and dedicated in protecting and serving Earth and its citizens, do the job right, follow orders, finish the mission. But when one space pirate dies, despite ending the mission, the next thing she knows, it's a dull routine of patrolling space like a traffic warden. She may have kept her rank and ship, but the "deserved reprieve" seems more like a demotion.

The elusive space pirate Norstrom may have led the world to believe he was dead, but lately it seems the dead can be killed again. Death threats force him out of hiding to seek the help of the one person he trusts, his old lover, Grosjean.

As Grosjean and Norstrom join forces to ferret out the source of the threats, they discover the gruesome truths behind the destruction of a Commonwealth Corp scout ship, underhanded corporate deals, greed, and terrifying research. Before long, Norstrom's pirate crew from the Drunken Sailor, long written off as dead, make a dramatic reappearance.

Will they be in time to save the galaxy from corporate criminals? Will their history hinder them, or make them work together like a well-oiled engine? And will Captain Grosjean finally figure out her life and what makes her happy?
Product Details ISBN: 9798223381723
Publisher: T.K. Toppin
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 280
Language: English