Beginners Guide to Home Vegetable Gardening (Paperback)

Beginners Guide to Home Vegetable Gardening By Abel Jabarin Cover Image

Beginners Guide to Home Vegetable Gardening (Paperback)


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If you have a backyard where you want to harvest natural food, grow vegetables organically, and keep it neat, beautiful, and environment friendly at the same time, this book is for you... and here is why...

Sustainable living is becoming increasingly popular these days, especially with climate change, rising global temperatures, etc. But the problem is that most people find it difficult to put the dots together and start living a completely sustainable life that is healthy for the environment and is 100% affordable for just about any family.

How long do you want to continue depending on those bland, store-bought vegetables that lack the vibrant taste and nutrients of fresh, home-grown produce?

Would you like to harvest healthy foods in your own backyard?

Would you like to grow healthy vegetables for yourself, and your family?

This sounds like a dream life to me, and if it does for you as well, please read on...

This comprehensive guide is perfect for anyone looking to start their own vegetable garden, no matter their experience level.

From choosing the perfect plot of land to selecting the right seeds and nurturing your plants to fruition, this book has everything you need to know to grow your own delicious and healthy vegetables from the comfort of your home.

With easy-to-follow farming techniques and practical illustrations in this book, you'll be harvesting a bountiful garden in no time.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223361244
Publisher: Felix Agbodji
Publication Date: May 15th, 2023
Pages: 116
Language: English