Angel Witch and Vampire Witch (Paperback)

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Angel Witch and Vampire Witch (Paperback)


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Angeline: Angeline is just a Kyle's General Store worker. When she goes to her local witches shop she gets a surprise - a guy with wings. Not just any guy, but the one in her dreams. ... something greater than just your average retail worker.

Ember: Ember is an ordinary witch until she discovers her full potential. Will she be able to hold onto the love that walks into her life or will the evil Poison Apple Coven take her AngelWitchy coven down?

Mia: Mia is just a normal department store employee until her apartment is broken into. The dark angels found her and she is hiding from the werewolves who framed her. Will she become an AngelWitch and step it up with her mate, or will she fail at it?

Raven: Raven is an AngelWitch, and she turns to dating apps to ease her loneliness. No one ever warned her about fake profiles, and it leads her on a journey she will never forget. - Is Lucas real or is he a scammer? Is Aiden the one she is looking for all along? Will she find the love that she is looking for?

Marina: Marina is an Air witch with the power to call dragons, and the last AngelWitch. She is forced to flee her witch mansion when one of her own coven members attacks her coven. She teams up with her mate Draven, who is half vampire and half dragon. Together they will stop the evil witch and the evil vampires attacking his dad's peaceful vampires, by having the key to summon the ultimate Elemental dragon. All together the AngelWitches have the power to stop the evil since war is almost here Good versus evil and the final showdown will be Book 6 AngelWitch.

Mina's Vampire Mate: Mina is working at Nikki's Department store after leaving an abusive relationship. She wanted to take a break from everything until someone breaks into her house disturbing her peace. And the person to the rescue is Neo her vampire mate.


What would you do when the fate of a realm lies on your shoulders?

Lilly finds herself in pure chaos while the realm gets corrupted by evil. Only a few months ago her mother passed away and on top of that Agatha, the new leader of the coven made it her goal to harass her for her ancestry.

Unable to stand up to these challenges, she lets herself get consumed by her grief til the day her father gives her a new purpose - to retrieve the magic stones so she can save the realm of the ever consuming evil. Her vampire soulmate Malachi stands by her side while she learns the shocking truth about her mothers death.

Sophia Rivers was depressed until she turned to streaming and discovered her passion. Not everyone liked the fact that she was half vampire and half witch and when the evil Giles found out he wanted her for her blood. Along came Leon and he is the good streamer to save the day. Join her as she discovers the good and bad communities that will show her how magical it is to be a witch streamer

AngelWitch Retribution:

In the series finale, the girls gather the stones they need to awaken the good dragon and defeat the evil dragon. They join forces with the other heroes of their world and take on the evil dragon. After a long and hard fought battle, they emerge victorious With the help of the good dragon, they restore peace to their world. The girls have saved not only their own kingdom, but all those around them They celebrate their victory together, knowing that the future is bright for everyone

At the end, the girls are surrounded by loved ones and friends that have stood by them throughout their journey. They reflect on all they have accomplished and how much they have grown during their adventures. They smile at each other with a new understanding of themselves, knowing that together they can accomplish anything.

Product Details ISBN: 9798215833704
Publisher: Jessica Samuels
Publication Date: February 5th, 2023
Pages: 686
Language: English