Dear History of Violence (Paperback)

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Dear History of Violence (Paperback)


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It started with their dad's dad. Then their dad. Then them. A long history of violence.

Dear History of Violence, what was so special about these two families. The Kellys were your punching bag. And the Coopers shattered by your ricochet. You didn't just tear these families apart, you tore their whole town apart. With something as simple as a hunk of metal. Used twice. Once for violence inflicted on theirselve and once for violence inflicted on others. How much more will you take? And when will enough be enough? Sincerely, your author.

1: Conception
May 21st 2017

Dear History of Violence,

I wish I could say it ended well for him. I wish I could say that we weren't all expecting him to crack. I wish I could say we weren't expecting him to die young, and violent, and a juvenile delinquent.

But if I did say such things, none would be true.

Not as true as her death. Not as true as the way her sister used to get when it smelled of rain.

I guess I'm writing to you for attention. Attention that he craved. Attention that she tried to give him. Attention he couldn't find in you.

I don't blame you for his faults. I mean how could I when there were so many.

What I do blame is his teachers, his peers, our parents, and myself. Because we all knew where he was headed, and no one did anything to stop him. His teachers didn't stop his peers. His peers constantly berated him. Our parents gave you power. I couldn't stop my brother.

But I guess that's life for you. One big disaster that no one can stop.

Sincerely, Liam Kelly

Product Details ISBN: 9798215740965
Publisher: Gracie Lockey
Publication Date: June 1st, 2023
Pages: 298
Language: English