Gnomemania [Part 1] (Paperback)

Gnomemania [Part 1] By Adrian Bonnington Cover Image

Gnomemania [Part 1] (Paperback)


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The book is a fantasy book set in the Kingdom of Gnomemania.

Gnomemania is what foreigners called this Kingdom; The Gnomes call it "Budonburgh" which means the land of trees. The reason why foreigners called the kingdom Gnomemania was that the Gnomes never seemed to rest and take life easy. They always had to be doing something, or running around aimlessly like headless chickens. The Gnomes appeared manic to these stranger's eyes.

This book has been translated into the English language - if it was in the language the Gnomes of Gnomemania speak - LiguaGnomuski; then only those Gnomes could understand this book.

This is an unfinished book. Any author is free to expand on the story, create more lands oversees, add more characters and edit the book. You could even add an alien invasion if you want to.

All royalties are yours to keep - the caveat being that this book must be referenced as the Source of the inspiration and my name as the originator of the fantasy book.

The story in reality is a never ending story, as it will last for many generations, until time itself no longer exists.

Not all my characters have been used in Part 1.

I was using these as a template.

Product Details ISBN: 9798215362334
Publisher: Adrian Bonnington
Publication Date: December 11th, 2022
Pages: 96
Language: English