Steamed Recipes (Paperback)

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Steamed Recipes (Paperback)


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Steaming has its origins in an ancient modality that comes from East. It is a highly recommended option for any type of person but especially for the sick, children, elderly, and overweight people They want to recover their figure.

Steaming is easy, just place the chosen food on a rack metal or a basket-shaped steel strainer, suspended over boiling water or some short broth, inside a covered pot, without allowing it to touch the food, and following cooking times that depend on what you are going to get prepared. So that there is steam in appreciable quantities it is necessary that the water boil and the boiling point of water depends on the pressure at which it is submitted, the pressure can be atmospheric, in open steam cookers, in baskets, or the one that is achieved in the pressure cooker, in the latter the steam is at pressures greater than in the case of atmospheric pressure cooking.

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