Morning Zen (Paperback)

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Morning Zen (Paperback)


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In this era of smartphones and 24/7 internet access, most of us wake up and immediately dive into the challenges of the day, responding to messages, catching up on the news and following up on our daily tasks. Unfortunately, this behavior turns us into "firefighters" of our lives, leaving us listless, scattered and stressed. And we forget to dedicate a little time in the morning for the most important person in this world, which is you. The powerful process of Morning Zen helps you take back your mornings and start the day on the right foot. Through clear and easy-to-follow steps, the method shows you exactly how to establish the critical habits necessary to improve your health, energy, and attitude, to passionately pursue your goals and prepare yourself for the day's battles.

For more than ten years, Adrian Gonzalez worked on the creation of a new concept, a mix of skills, habits, and disciplines. He discovered that if put together, they had the power to bring lots of benefits. Therefore, he proceeded by elaborating and developing a seamless and easy routine which everyone can choose to follow. So far, his morning routine has helped managers, CEOs, and businessmen who, while passing through difficult times like bankruptcies, separations, and life plateau, managed to find, once again, a happier balance in their life, empower into their goals, and embrace a new meaning of success.

Product Details ISBN: 9791220118620
Publisher: Europa Edizioni Srl
Publication Date: April 26th, 2022
Pages: 260
Language: English