Find It in the Talmud: An Encyclopedia of Jewish Ethics and Conduct (Hardcover)

Find It in the Talmud: An Encyclopedia of Jewish Ethics and Conduct By Mordechai Judovits Cover Image

Find It in the Talmud: An Encyclopedia of Jewish Ethics and Conduct (Hardcover)


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The Talmud—an ancient and seminal text central to Rabbinic Judaism—is the focal point of this reference book. With more than 6,000 entries, this book serves as a path finder for those interested in the Talmud and a useful tool for scholars when searching for a particular Talmudic subject. The book also contains stories, anecdotes, and sayings recorded in the Talmud while placing an emphasis on topics of ethics, morality, charity, decency, and proper conduct.

Mordechai Judovits is a Holocaust survivor and a longtime student of the Talmud. He is the author of Sages of the Talmud. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

Product Details ISBN: 9789655241464
ISBN-10: 9655241467
Publisher: Urim Publications
Publication Date: September 1st, 2014
Pages: 525
Language: English

"An indispensable part of the library of any student of Talmud. This extraordinary Encyclopedia is well structured, highly organized and tremendously comprehensive thereby allowing any student, from the novice to the scholar, to find exactly what they are looking for in Judaism's most authoritative Rabbinic text, the Talmud."  —Rabbi Efram Goldberg, rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue in Florida

"A comprehensive, clear, and informative collection of over a thousand entries that give readers, lay and scholar, the views of prominent Talmudic rabbis on many subjects in an enjoyable manner. Mordechai Judovits arranges his short, to-the-point entries of Talmudic subjects, stories, and expressions in alphabetical order. He summarizes what the Talmud says and gives the sources of the statements." —Rabbi Dr. Israel Drazin, author of Maimonides and coauthor of Onkelos on the Torah

"Unlike other Talmudic dictionaries, Find It in the Talmud is written especially for the English speaker not fluent in the original Hebrew and Aramaic . . . . Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above." —D. Mizrachi, CHOICE