Design of Hydraulic Gates (Hardcover)

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Based on the author's extensive expertise and experience as an engineer of hydromechanical projects, this book describes the principal aspects of the design, manufacture, installation and operation of hydraulic gates. Specific topics are analysed in depth, such as the selection of the gate type, the limits of their use, estimating their weight, operative forces, hoisting systems, design of structure and support elements, seals and hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces. The use of recent technological advances, such as inflatable gates and fusegates is discussed. The book can be used as a text-book and manual for the design of gates. It features a number of worked examples, drawings and about 300 photographs to illustrate the concepts and methods involved, and covers several different types of gate and their support elements from a variety of applications.

About the Author

Paulo Erbisti is a design engineer and a consultant with 45 years of experience working on various hydromechanical projects. This Brazilian engineer has contributed greatly to hydropower/dam engineering in the last 35 years in Brazil, Venezuela and in several other countries of the world as a result of his extensive consulting work. He has worked on a number of important project including Itaipu, Guri, Caruachi and Tocoma. In 2011, he was elected as one of twenty people believed to have made the biggest difference to the sector over the last decade by International Water Power & Dam Construction magazine.

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ISBN: 9789058096210
ISBN-10: 9058096211
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Us
Publication Date: January 1st, 2003
Pages: 362
Language: English