The Ghost of Glengullion Castle: A Murder Mystery Set in Scotland (Paperback)

The Ghost of Glengullion Castle: A Murder Mystery Set in Scotland By Adriana Licio Cover Image

The Ghost of Glengullion Castle: A Murder Mystery Set in Scotland (Paperback)


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An ancient curse has returned to haunt the present day...

Etta, Dora and Leon are heading for another home swap, this time on the Isle of Mull, off the western coast of Scotland. However, rather than a house or flat, they arrive at a Scottish castle. Although a little rundown, it is a fascinating place to stay and, as dictated by Gaelic folklore, it comes complete with a ghost.

The trio learns, to its collective dismay, that the castle's days are numbered. A developer has made an offer that's too good for the owner, who's unable to cope with the rising costs of maintaining the historic building, to refuse. But the local community in nearby Tobermory is most upset by the prospect of losing their heritage to a deluxe golf hotel for wealthy international guests, and a group of elderly folk plan to make things a little hard for the newcomers.

When the developer is found dead, hit by the mace of a suit of armour standing in the castle hall, the locals' suspicions are raised. Have the elderly rebels strayed well over the fine line between legitimate protest and criminal offence? Or was the more supernatural hand of the ghost to blame?

As the police scout around, searching for the truth, our favourite sleuths team up with the Tobermory community to return serenity to the town.

However, despite the terrible death, the sale of the castle is still moving forward...


The Ghost of Glengullion Castle is the sixth book in the riveting Homeswappers Mysteries, a humorous cosy series following the adventures of two retired teachers and their Basset Hound as they explore the most delightfully murderous travel destinations in Europe and put their skills as sleuths to the test.


Written in British English, each light-hearted story is clean - no violence, sex or strong language Like the works of the maestro Agatha Christie, any Homeswappers mystery can be read as a standalone or they can all be enjoyed in sequence:

0. Castelmezzano, The Witch is Dead - An Italian Cosy Mystery (A Prequel Novella)

1. The Watchman of Rothenburg Dies - A German Cosy Mystery

2. A Wedding and a Funeral in Mecklenburg - A German Travel Mystery

3. An Aero Island Christmas Mystery - A Danish Cosy Mystery

4. Prague, A Secret from the Past - A Czech Travel Mystery

5. Death on the West Highland Way - A Scottish Cosy Mystery

6. The Ghost of Glengullion Castle - A Murder Mystery set in Scotland

A Christmas Mystery in Venice and Other Winter Tales - A Collection of 3 (not-so) short stories set in Italy

More adventures to follow

Product Details ISBN: 9788832249460
ISBN-10: 8832249464
Publisher: Home Travellers Press
Publication Date: May 12th, 2023
Pages: 342
Language: English