In Need of a Master (Paperback)

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In Need of a Master (Paperback)

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The volume In Need of a Master: Politics, Theology, and Radical Democracy discusses how our so-called "postmodern age" of widespread ideological critique paves the way for reactionary and conservative political movements. At center stage is the question of whether these movements can and must be - contrary to widespread beliefs among liberal elites - interpreted both as a symptom of a political awakening in the horizon of political theology in our era of immanence, as well as perhaps the perilous end of democracy as we know it. The book brings to the fore political theology as the hidden agenda of politics and presents at the same time Christian and Jewish theological traditions as an antidote to a global empire with its often unacknowledged rule of immanence.
Dominik Finkelde, Munich School of Philosophy, Germany; Rebekka Klein, Bochum University, Germany.

Product Details ISBN: 9783111104614
ISBN-10: 3111104613
Publisher: de Gruyter
Publication Date: December 5th, 2022
Pages: 328
Language: English