Brightshade (Hardcover)

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Brightshade (Hardcover)


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Five outcasts. A forgotten secret. The looming threat of war.

When her magic sparks out of control, Jenna is cast out of the Ideian university she calls home. Armed with a mysterious book that seems to promise answers, the legacy of her disgraced House, and her crutches, she embarks on a quest to learn to control her powers. She is determined to return to researching Ideon and Saint Brazen's war-torn history but soon realizes the countries' shaky peace may not last the summer. Little does she know there are four others whose paths are destined to cross with hers:

The innocent arsonist, willing to sacrifice lives for the thrill of the flame.
The reformed thief, torn between atonement and revenge.
The unwilling killer, weighing a chance at love against the need for control.
The idealistic soldier, forced to examine his simplistic beliefs.

Each of them carries a piece of the secret that may unlock the true mystery behind the past wars--and the war still to come.

Fans of Brandon Sanderson, Tamora Pierce, and Robert Jordan will love this epic fantasy adventure.

Product Details ISBN: 9781999553623
ISBN-10: 1999553624
Publisher: Miriam R. Dumitra
Publication Date: January 16th, 2019
Pages: 382
Language: English