Mended Bones: Origin Story (Paperback)

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Mended Bones: Origin Story (Paperback)


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AUTHOR: Blue and Black Bird... AKA Michelle Liila Gagnon

(When I first published this, I wanted to remain anonymous and used 'Blue and Black Bird' as my author name, and ALSO as the publisher name. But as I had SELF-published... 'Blue and Black Bird' is also me. Anyhow, I've since switched to using my proper name, Michelle Liila Gagnon, for my author title. I also UN-redacted other things in the book back when I decided I was okay with people knowing who I am. More importantly, I revealed my name and un-redacted location and other information to protect my identity as someone broke into my house - multiple times - stole a copy of my memoir and a print of the picture I'd used for the cover (along with other photos), accessed my ID, went through my songs, and accessed backups I had of all my intellectual property. Note: I also previously published this book through Amazon - as an ebook on August 9, 2019 and as a print book on August 31, 2019.)

The book is rated 16+ for mature content.

Michelle Liila is a writer, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, and artist living in Nepean, which is in Ottawa - the capital of Canada.

Having struggled with suicidal thoughts from the age of twelve, and having attempted suicide twice in her late teens and once as an adult, Michelle felt led to write a memoir about her life to help older teens and young adults learn from her mistakes. (Though really, it can help people of any age.)

Written in a mix of memoir and diary style, it is often addressed to the reader and is meant to provide the reader with some solace... and a friend - someone the reader feels can understand them.

Michelle also hopes the book will help people to better understand others in their lives who are going through struggles and perhaps discover new ways to connect with them and help them.

The book is often written in the present, but weaves back through the past. Included is a story Michelle wrote in a Writer's Craft class in high-school about her first suicide attempt, surrounding events, and relationships.

Sections titled 'Fragments of Memories' - that are almost poetic in nature - show the nature of memory and how it often exists in pieces and surfaces without respect of chronology.

The writing style at times moves into steam of consciousness. There is also free verse (poetry) in some sections. This was all done purposefully to achieve a certain effect.

Style influences / favourite books include James Joyce's 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' and Michael Ondaatje's 'The Collected Works of Billy the Kid'.

Product Details ISBN: 9781999227005
ISBN-10: 199922700X
Publisher: Blue and Black Bird
Publication Date: September 4th, 2019
Pages: 482
Language: English