Flirting with Monsters: The Complete Series (Hardcover)

Flirting with Monsters: The Complete Series By Eva Chase Cover Image

Flirting with Monsters: The Complete Series (Hardcover)


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One sassy pyromaniac thief, four sexy-as-sin monsters, and a paranormal conspiracy of epic proportions.

I make a living out of screwing over the jerks who capture and torment supernatural beasties. But when I free a bunch of particularly powerful monsters from their cages, I'm not counting on them following me home like lost puppies.

Stunningly hot lost puppies, but still.

These manly monsters are determined to repay me for my help, and they won't get out of my apartment until they're satisfied we're even. And when I find out they're up against the same creeps who murdered the person I love most, I'm all for joining forces. There's something to be said for allies so devoted they'll tear off heads and shred souls on your behalf.

Especially when I realize I'm developing an unsettling supernatural power that no mortal is supposed to wield.

Track down the baddies.

Tame my destructive talents.

Don't get killed along the way.

Oh, and maybe hook up with a monstrous hottie or four.

Piece of cake.

I'm so going to regret this.

*Flirting with Monsters is a light-hearted, action-packed urban fantasy series with plenty of sass and steam. This hardcover omnibus contains all four books in the series-Shadow Thief, Twilight Crook, Dusk Avenger, and Dark Champion-as well as 70 pages of exclusive bonus scenes, including a brand-new epilogue.*

Product Details ISBN: 9781990338458
ISBN-10: 1990338453
Publisher: Ink Spark Press
Publication Date: February 26th, 2022
Pages: 1034
Language: English