Legends Reborn: The Complete Series (Paperback)

Legends Reborn: The Complete Series By Eva Chase Cover Image

Legends Reborn: The Complete Series (Paperback)


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Die, reincarnate, repeat. It's been a long fifteen hundred years...

After centuries of deaths and rebirths, wizard Emma Hale-formerly known as Merlin-wants nothing more than to find the present incarnation of King Arthur and break the spell binding their souls in this morbid cycle.

Too bad she has no idea how she cast that spell in the first place. Oh, and she's also got to fend off the shadow creatures aiming to kill Arthur all over again. Which might be easier if Arthur's current host wasn't so cocky yet distractingly good-looking that Emma is falling even harder for the man she can't have.

Now that Arthur's spirit is awakening, every creature of darkness in a thousand-mile radius is slavering for a taste. Worse, a merciless adversary from Emma's past has reappeared, intent on destroying them both-for good. But the quest to finally free their souls will unearth secrets that could shatter Emma and her king before their enemies even have the chance.

This omnibus edition contains all three books in the Legends Reborn trilogy: Magic Waking, Soul's Blade, and Dragon of Destiny. It also includes four never-before-seen bonus scenes, giving readers a look inside Darton's point of view and a glimpse of the characters' future.

Product Details ISBN: 9781989096239
ISBN-10: 1989096239
Publisher: Ink Spark Press
Publication Date: August 7th, 2020
Pages: 740
Language: English